Newt, The New Chief of Staff

At first, it seems odd to me that Gingrich who is a very smart politician would want to associate himself with Trump but Gingrich is also a shrewd individual who saw an opportunity to exploit; so, he created a two-track plan to take advantage of a president who doesn’t know what he’s doing and doesn’t listen to anyone:

  1. Mr. Gingrich wrote a book “Understanding Trump”; which other best way could Gingrich have used to attract the attention of the commander in chief? Although there is not much substance to the book, Newt seeks to capitalize on Trump’s Twitter popularity to make a bundle. The strategy is to have Donald Trump say something (nice, good, anything) about the book which would suffice to bring some much needed income to Newt
  2. Even if the book doesn’t make it to the top as Mr. Gingrich might want, Newt seeks to get Trump’s attention not just with the book but with the frequent tweets which praise him, his move, his agenda, his policies

Although it seems as if nothing has happened yet, Newt has positioned himself to be the next Chief of Staff; it is almost a sure bet that Donald Trump will get rid of Reince Priebus. A few weeks ago, it was trending in Washington that Mr. Priebus was offered the job of Ambassador of Greece. Translation: get the hell out of the Oval Office! Who is next in line to take Reince’s post? Sean Spicer would be a good pick as Trump’s assistant; after all, that’s really what Trump needs, someone to bring his coffee, put the right amount of butter or peanut and jelly on his toast, to grab him a beer, to sit with him and watch Fox Opinion, etc. Sean Spicer fits the bill.

What would you add?

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