Newt, The New Chief of Staff

Mr. Priebus – like everyone else who works for Donald Trump – is more concerned about keeping the job than doing the job for which he was hired. Understandably so! No one who has worked for Donald Trump, in the private sector then, in the Oval Office now ever has the security of the job, his family excluded of course. As such, it is always difficult, psychologically impossible to perform the job properly when your mind is always pre-occupied by the eventuality of losing such job at any moment. So, Reince Priebus has resorted to just being there. A lapdog? Why not? It comes with a paycheck. Besides, to be humiliated in the Oval Office every day is worth waking up in the morning, Reince must have reasoned. So, he’s been playing the game of agreeing with Trump on everything in private and repeating his talking points in public; the strategy is to get out of Trump’s way as much as possible. Thus far, Reince’ strategy seems to be working. At least, that’s what Mr. Priebus seems to think. But… Unfortunately, no one can appease Donald Trump for long. In the Trump world, you’re damned if you do, you’re doomed if you don’t (roll with it). Reince Priebus is doomed.

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