Newt, The New Chief of Staff

Newt is a Math Wiz

Meet Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump’s new chief of staff. Yes, Reince Priebus stills has the title but not for long. Besides, according to most reports and leaks, Reince’s role in the Oval Office has been mostly that of Donald Trump’s assistant. Mr. Priebus has overextended his stay anyway.

Before Donald Trump, a president’s Chief of Staff was considered the second most powerful individual of the Executive Branch. The Chief of Staff speaks for the president; if you’ve ever watched the character Cyrus Beene on the TV show Scandal as Chief of Staff of the character president Fitzgerald Grant, you’d pretty have an idea what a chief of staff role is like. Entertainment aside, who doesn’t know that Reince Priebus is just a lapdog, Donald Trump’s lapdog?


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