Disloyalty And The Price of Ignorance

And the more he pushed others out of the way, the more emboldened Donald Trump became. By the time Ted Cruz was the only man standing to challenge Trump, he had already come up with the most outrageous statement yet; Mr. Trump suggested that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the JFK assassination, an allegation which had enraged Ted and many others. Even that was not enough to turn the tide of the race against him, for his followers comprised mostly of individuals who were unmoved by his blatant lies, his outrageous statements and were unable to see through his nefarious and selfish agenda.

Many across every political spectrum came to the inevitable conclusion that Donald Trump was not good for the country; he was not fit to be president. Prominent GOP Leaders and Party elites had all come out in unity to repudiate his candidacy and call for an alternative. #NeverTrump was born.

In the May 30, 2016 article A Case Against Donald Trump For President, I outlined in excruciating details why it was necessary to throw away political party affiliation to refuse Donald Trump the presidency of the United States. In no uncertain term I laid at the door of the Republican Party Elites and the constituents the danger of having Donald Trump as the GOP Leader “There are damages, tragedies, devastations one can never recover from; the Donald Trump’s prospect as the next president of the United States is one such instance” I said.

What would you add?

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