Disloyalty And The Price of Ignorance

Although I recognized then that Trump’s behavior and outrageous statements were unacceptable for any public office aspirant let alone an aspirant of the Oval Office, I also recognized and correctly concluded that GOP had the wrong strategy – if its approach could be construed as such – to deal with Trump’s unpredictable outbursts and frequent insulting remarks. In the article 2016 Election Update – the Donald Trump Factor published on July 22, 2015, I remarked that “The strategy – sidelining Trump – will not work; if anything, it will anger him even further and strengthen his resolve to stay in the race till the end, meaning Trump will probably continue his bid as a third party candidate if that becomes necessary…

Inappropriate strategy aside, I continued to follow candidate Trump very closely, dissected his every word, observed his every behavior and analyzed his every move meticulously. In the meantime, the GOP Party Elites began to panic; Donald Trump continued to advance in the polls and his campaign despite opposition from the Party Leaders; his supporters’ base grew by the tens of thousands every day despite negative publicity, self-inflicted wounds of course. The more insulting he was – towards non-Whites (Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Women) – the larger his fans base grew. Even Republican pundits such as Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity & Bill O’Reilly disowned his brand and campaigned ferociously for an alternative. The remaining candidates in the race continued to dwindle; they exited the race one after another every two to three weeks. Even Marco Rubio who was initially considered the future of the Republican Party and had the full backing of the most popular broadcast network – Fox Opinion – had to bow out of the race.

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