Disloyalty And The Price of Ignorance

Which brings me back to why I welcomed Donald Trump’s very unusual and unorthodox approach to the 2015-2016 presidential campaigns. In my analysis, I foresaw that Donald Trump’s approach to campaigning would stir things up a little bit, not at all a bad thing in presidential elections which have been up to that point the same boring, déjà vu political football with predictable outcomes. In the June 26, 2015 article (that’s two years ago) Could Donald Trump Become a Game Changer, I outlined very clearly why Donald Trump as a candidate was a very good addition to the 2015-2016 presidential election. Keep in mind that at the time I supported the idea of a Donald Trump candidate, less than 1% of those eligible to vote (according to most polls) supported Donald Trump’s candidacy for the presidency of the United States. Put differently, I was an odd ball; very few in the country welcomed the idea of a Donald Trump president.

In preparation for a debate that would take place on August 6, 2015 hosted by Fox Opinion, – you know, the network that has finally realized it was never fair and balanced; yep! That network – the GOP machine as well as all the candidates bidding for the presidency “ganged up” against Trump because he made the now infamous remark regarding John McCain as a war hero, the gist of which is, according to Trump, McCain was a war hero because he was captured during the Vietnam War. Mr. Trump added that he didn’t like war hero who was captured. By then, Mr. Trump had already hurled many other insulting statements at other individuals and groups. Needless to try to convince you that Mr. Trump had very little support (if any) heading to the debate.

What would you add?

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