The Savior You Need

Fortunately, Democrats (Legislators, Mayors, Governors and even constituents) have espoused an integrated approach which opens the door to diverse voices, opinions and a willingness to compromise.

Case in point, when former President Obama introduced the Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare in 2010, the Republican political machine launched a campaign against the policy although GOP Legislators in Washington knew it would benefit all constituents including Republicans’. GOP Legislators opposed the policy for no reason other than to oppose it. When their effort to circumvent the president by using every imaginable loophole failed, they resorted to disseminate false information (courtesy of Fox Opinion), to mislead the American public and to distort the intent of the policy. At first, Obamacare was referred to as the “death panel” in an effort to scare away anyone and everyone who would have supported the effort of a policy which provides health coverage to those who didn’t have or couldn’t afford it. When the “death panel” lie proved ineffective, they resorted to “wealth distribution” misinformation propaganda in an effort to discourage the younger generation from supporting a near universal health coverage. When the “wealth distribution” lost steam, they resorted to even further misinformation; they claimed that Obamacare would bankrupt the country, it would kill jobs and on and on. Everything Republicans had said about Obamacare was a lie.

What would you add?

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