Donald Trump’ Impeachment Is Inevitable – 3

There are two major flaws – and a high level of hypocrisy – in the simplicity of the explanation

  1. To investigate a crime in general requires putting a lot of pieces together even in the absence of obstruction and with full cooperation, let alone the investigation of a crime committed by the president of the United States who has deployed all resources of his administration to prevent, slow down or even derail the investigation
  2. The crime committed by the Trump administration requires an investigation, not just of Trump but of all his associates in order to create a complete picture of the crime. The investigation into Nixon’s wrongdoing began in the fourth quarter of 1972 and would not be completed until the fourth quarter of 1974 when it became obvious to the Nixon’s administration that the Court ruling to surrender the tapes containing incriminating evidence would put an end to his administration. And on August 9, Nixon resigned. So, the idea that “nothing has yet to surface is indication Trump has done nothing wrong” is very discouraging to any aspiring journalist. How could any sensible journalist even defend such position?
  3. The hypocrisy displayed by the publications and broadcast networks which support Donald Trump is beyond comprehension. For six consecutive years, those same publications and networks drummed up the beat of Benghazi investigation even after seven such investigations were completed and found that Mrs. Clinton, then Secretary of State, did nothing wrong. To those publications and networks, the only possible end to the investigation was to find Mrs. Clinton guilty but today they are already asking for Trump-Russia collusion investigation to end.

What would you add?

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