Donald Trump’ Impeachment Is Inevitable – 3

Despite the many similarities between the two administrations (Nixon & Trump), one set of similarities stand out:

both administrations have planned, discussed and strategized to perpetrate the crime they committed; both administrations have discussed in advance how to deal with the situation in case the American public gets wind of it; both administrations have moved very quickly to dismiss the individuals in charge of the investigation – the Saturday Night Massacre under Nixon, the firing of FBI Director James Comey under Trump – when it became obvious the investigators were closing in on the details of the crime; both administrations have made use of their Attorney General to squash the investigation; both administrations have engaged aggressively in cover-up, pressuring investigators to drop the investigation.

But there are at least two factors – and even a third one – which are different, two of which complicate matters today

  1. Nixon’s crime did not involve a foreign government
  2. Both Houses are in the hands of the Republican Party; despite blatant lies by Trump and his appointees – including his Attorney General Jeff Sessions who lied to Congress, an obvious disqualification for the post – the Houses continue to shield Trump from his actions which have thus far undermined the Constitution and disqualified the United States to continue to lead the world.
  3. The media then comprised reporters and journalists whose loyalty was mostly to the country; this second factor is what makes the crime committed by Trump a very difficult process to go through or even to prosecute. The “journalists” today are political partys’ operatives. There is no lack of publications and broadcast networks – Fox Networks leads the way of course – which couldn’t care less that Trump might have committed treason and would not even consider to investigate or at the very least to pay attention to what the investigators have found; instead, they are engaged in disinformation and misinformation fed to their audience; that is a very scary predicament. In addition to Trump’s disciples defending their master, those publications (WSJ, Forbes, Fox, etc.) have adopted “the line” that “if Trump did something wrong, that would have come out by now”

What would you add?

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