Donald Trump’ Impeachment Is Inevitable – 3

In the last two articles, I mentioned and reiterated that Donald Trump impeachment is inevitable, and it is. But to Trump’s disciples, this is “crazy talk”; after all, what has Trump done deserving of impeachment, one of his faithful followers asked. I wasn’t sure whether to answer the question, empathize, cry or nod in disbelief. There are not many ways one can spell MORON but then again I have only met a few of them

So what Donald Trump is impeached?

As I pointed out in the last two previous articles, Donald Trump’ pending impeachment will not be unique but the circumstances surrounding his impeachment are undoubtedly the first in history.

  1. Bill Clinton got impeached in 1998 for lying UNDER OATH to Special Counsel Ken Starr regarding an affair he had with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. It is a crime to lie under oath; Bill Clinton knew that but it was difficult for him and very rare that anyone in his position would have simply admitted to the affair, a very unethical behavior for the president of the most powerful country. Most can relate to his predicament however.
  2. Richard Nixon got impeached (not really; he exited beforehand) in 1974 after a streak of crimes he was involved in, most commonly referred to as Watergate. Unacceptable regardless of one’s political view.
  3. Donald Trump will be impeached near the end of 2018 or somewhere in the first quarter of 2019. Although Donald Trump’s approach is very similar to Richard Nixon – in fact, one can parallel many similarities in the language used by both the Nixon and Trump administrations. – To be fair, Nixon didn’t have the luxury of Twitter. In the dawn of the investigation leading to Nixon’s impeachment, in 1972 for instance, then president Nixon told the reporters that “no one in the White House staff, no one in this administration, presently employed, was involved in this very bizarre incident.” Trump, armed with his most powerful weapon, Twitter, tweeted several times that “there was no collusion between my campaign and Russia; it’s a witch hunt; no one in my campaign has never had any contact with Russia”

What would you add?

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