Donald Trump’ Impeachment Is Inevitable – 3

Donald Trump may be able “to stand in the middle of Fifth Ave and shoot someone and not lose any voter” but he sure should not be allowed to vilify the country and thrash our Constitution. Mr. Trump is not worth the sacrifice of our nation. Donald Trump MUST be impeached not just because he has obstructed justice (several times) and has lied (many times) and has engaged in cover-up (continuously, actively) but also because he has committed treason. (Details of Trump’s treason in the next article)

Donald Trump Impeachment is Inevitable.

Warning: if you’re a Trump’ follower, please stay away from this discussion; it’s meant for people who are bright and those who are able to grasp and engage in logical rationale. This discussion might blow your mind up, literally. So, please! To avoid damage to your close minded brain, move along. Ask a friend to explain what the discussion is about. You are hereby warned. I will not take any responsibility for any damage reading what follows may cause to your brain. Beware!


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