Donald Trump’ Impeachment Is Inevitable – 2

Donald Trump will lie under oath, it’s a guarantee. No matter how much hope his followers may have that he might just tell the truth that once, their faith in their master is highly misplaced and they will be hugely disappointed. Donald Trump cannot tell the truth. Period. He just cannot. Donald Trump will not want to incriminate himself.

So, the outcome is crystal clear; Mr. Trump will be impeached either for

  1. lying to the Special Counsel under oath
  2. or for admission of collusion with Russia, America No. 1 enemy

The question I posed in the previous article is: so what Donald Trump is impeached? Two former presidents before him had been impeached, Richard Nixon in 1974 and Bill Clinton in 1998. The former (Nixon) had to resign to avoid prosecution and jail time because his actions were criminal, the latter (Clinton) finished his term in office as president because his actions were not of criminal nature.

What would you add?

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