Donald Trump’ Impeachment Is Inevitable – 2





In the previous article, I mentioned that Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, will unequivocally be impeached. His followers were not at all happy. Notwithstanding the fact that I made a case based on analysis of data readily available to anyone, a few of Trump’s followers wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to hurl some insults and call me all sorts of names. Emily Robison once said “Some people still believe you should just fall in line with what’s going on – and that’s scary. It makes a mockery of freedom of speech.” In addition, I would like to add the following:

Message to Trump’s Followers

For fear of repeating myself, let me point out a few “need-to-know”

  1. the purpose of my writing is NOT to rack up followers or to make you (or myself) feel good (watch Sean Hannity at Fox for a feel good moment of entertainment). I write to achieve a much nobler goal: to contribute towards the effort of a society which needs to and wants to change for the better
  2. I do not write to appease or to reinforce anyone’s belief (Fox is already doing that), not even mine.
  3. I do not expect fanatics, followers and disciples of Trump or anyone else to grasp logical discussions; fanatics do not think or reason.
  4. I write to pique the interest of those who are able to rationalize and willing to make changes beneficial to society
  5. There is absolutely no label one can attach to me to get me upset

What would you add?

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