Donald Trump’ Impeachment Is Inevitable

The perjury aspect will come next. It’s true that Donald Trump has been lying non-stop; he cannot open his mouth (or tweet) and not lie. thus far, it doesn’t matter.

Once the special prosecutor Robert Mueller who is now in charge of investigating the Trump-Russia collusion interviews Mr. Trump under oath – and he will, at some point just like the special prosecutor Ken Starr who was charged to investigate the Monica Lewinsky affair had to interview then president Bill Clinton – it is certain Donald Trump will commit perjury. Can anyone bet he will not lie to the special prosecutor?

Even if Donald Trump were to find Jesus and become a born again Christian, he will continue to lie; he has no choice. He has to lie for the simple but very important reason that NOT TO lie would require that he incriminates himself and reveals that he had indeed colluded with Russia.

What would you add?

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