Donald Trump’ Impeachment Is Inevitable

So what Donald Trump is impeached? Big deal! Whoopsie doo! Bill Clinton was impeached, what’s the big deal?

The difference is in the interpretation of the word; when Representative Maxine Waters talks of Trump’s impeachment, she implies the removal of Trump from office. There lies the frenzy in the Democratic camp warming up to the idea of Trump’s impeachment. In reality, impeachment of a president doesn’t automatically warrant his removal; for instance, in 1998 the House of Representatives brought two charges against the 42nd president: perjury (the word sounds scary but it simply means Clinton lied under oath) and obstruction of justice (Clinton’s administration reluctance to cooperate, engaged in withholding information, cover-up and so on).

Can you read the writing on the wall in regards to Donald Trump? The Trump administration is already guilty of obstruction of justice; there is a pile of evidence against him that shows a sustained effort by high level officials in his administration to prevent the investigation, to get involved in cover-up and to refuse to cooperate altogether such is the case with Mike Flynn who refuses to turn in related documents despite the subpoena issued by the Senate.

What would you add?

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