Donald Trump’ Impeachment Is Inevitable

The short answer is “YES”, president Donald Trump will be impeached. I cannot provide a timeframe; sorry to disappoint you! It would have already happened if the Trump’s administration weren’t trying to cover up, derailing and putting roadblocks into the investigation but what’s certain is that the impeachment of Donald Trump is inevitable. This is not a wish; this is not an opinion based on partisan politics.

Even the dumbest individual should be able to come to that conclusion; then again, I have only met a few of the morons who are Trump’s followers.

Besides, as I mentioned in my previous article, If Donald Trump did not collude with Russia, why is he trying so hard to prevent the investigation from going forward? Why would he deploy every resource to derail the investigation? Why would he put in place people who can help with cover up?

But despite the certainty that Donald Trump will be impeached, the very question is:

so what?

What would you add?

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