Reign of the Morons – 5

Despite all, Trump’ followers are convinced he did nothing wrong; he has nothing to do with Russia hack into DNC or meddling in US elections. Alright then!

If Donald Trump did not collude with Russia, why is he trying so hard to prevent the investigation from going forward? Why would he deploy every resource to derail the investigation? Why would he try so hard to put in place people who can help with cover up? Let me guess. Because he has nothing to do with Russia.

A rationale which scares the hell out of me even before Donald Trump was accepted as the Republican nominee; that was also the reason I spent so much effort warning anyone and everyone who cared to listen – during the presidential campaigns – that Donald Trump is not worth the sacrifice of our nation

You might need to be related to a genius to understand all that out but you sure cannot be that much of a moron.

What would you add?

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