Trump’s Collusion with Russia for Dummies

Mr. Trump, having colluded with Russia to win the presidency, has been working all angles to crush any investigation which will certainly expose him as the first president traitor in the nation. Notice I said “having colluded with Russia”; read here the article I published on April 12, 2017 titled “Trump’s Collusion with Vladimir Putin Is Not a Theory”. You will also learn the real reason Mr. Trump quickly got rid of FBI Director James Comey. But that’s not why I’m here to discuss.

The same individuals – with Donald Trump as the ringleader – who powered the Birther movement seem to have no problem with Trump undermining our democracy, the strength and the soul of our nation. How dumb does one have to be? “Trump’s Collusion with Russia for Dummies” series is here to discuss the degree of dumbness and the level of ignorance one must achieve to be so completely oblivious of reality.

Everyone has a theory about Trump-Russia collusion. Until and unless proven, all theories in regards to government wrongdoing in general are classified under conspiracy theories and labeled as such as well. So, is Trump-Russia collusion a conspiracy theory?

In the next column, we will discuss the conspiracy theory topic alongside moronarchy (when a large group of people of all social status act and think like morons). But instead of relying on external sources, we will rely a great deal on Donald Trump himself to guide us through. It’s s a series you don’t want to miss.

Below is an audio synopsis of The OBAMA Legacy audiobook.

The OBAMA Legacy provides a factual account of his presidency but it also explains the reason Mr. Obama will be listed among the great presidents of our nation. There is absolutely nothing Republican Legislators and/or Mr. Trump can do to change that. Take a listen of the synopsis. Own a piece of his legacy.

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