The Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler – 2

Note: I do not compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler just for the sake of doing it. My objective is

  1. to provide enough evidence to this fact
  2. to emphasize the importance of that fact
  3. to alert the country – at least those who care and the patriots – NOT to ignore the facts

For those with no history major, let me point out a fact which might have escaped your knowledge: Adolf Hitler was DEMOCRATICALLY elected. In fact, according to history, when the Nazi Party won (increased) 230 seats out of 264 in the July 1932 parliamentary elections, the radical Nazis wanted to seize power but “Hitler insisted that he would come to power legally, legitimately…” and on January 30, 1933 Adolf Hitler was elected and became Chancellor of Germany at the age of 43.

Just like Adolf Hitler, Mr. Trump became president of the United States legitimately; ironically, as if history ought to repeat itself, the Republican Party won a majority of the seats in both Houses (Congress & the Senate) just like the Nazi Party – with Hitler at its helm – had the majority of the seats in the German parliament (230 out of 264) in 1932. Just like the German parliament – then led by the Nazi Party – shielded Hitler from the German democratic system, the GOP Representatives – except for a handful – have worked tirelessly to shield Donald Trump from the US Democratic process.

What would you add?

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