The Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler

But that’s not what I intend to discuss here; my hope is that Americans who still have a rational mind, Americans who remember world history and the remaining American Heroes do not shrug off what’s currently happening in the Oval Office or simply dub it politics as usual. Because by any analysis, the Trump administration is engaged in the most dangerous form of government, tethering in dictatorship style, anarchy, nepotism and despotism.

This is not a time to play partisan politics; the very soul of the country is at stake. I knew it before it gets to this point. I warned the country several times before the election; read one of the articles here. Donald Trump may have fooled many but I could not be fooled. Most unfortunately however, ignorance of others impacts the nation, the world even. Like Hitler in the 20th century, Donald Trump is the most dangerous head of state in the world.

What would you add?

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