The Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler

I am not sure how stupid someone has to be to believe the explanation provided by Mr. Trump (and his administration), that James Comey was fired because he was not doing a good job. If it were April 1, I would swear it is an April fool joke. What is it then? Well, it depends on how stupid one is. To most of Trump’ supporters, James Comey’s performance sounds like a good explanation.

But here at People Branch we are very certain Trump didn’t fire Comey because of job performance issue but that’s not even what’s of concern to me; I am most outraged by the fact Republicans in Washington are already placing roadblocks to prevent the Trump-Russia collusion investigation from being handled by a special prosecutor. Mitch McConnell is already leading the charge against the move. What exactly is wrong with the Republicans? Why can’t they be patriots for one split second?

Let’s state the obvious: we have a president who may have colluded with the country No 1 enemy but it’s not a concern to Republicans? Worse, they stand in the way of an investigation? Seriously! That’s their way of serving the United States?

What would you add?

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