The Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler

Regardless how it was reported, one doesn’t need a degree in political science or government to figure out something afoul is going on. Most Republicans in Washington have already lined up their quarterbacks to defend their goalie.
The hell with the United States!
GOP Tom Garrett of Virginia, pre-empting a Trump comparison with Adolf Hitler, said that “compared to Hitler, life’s pretty good.” Really! You don’t have to be a genius to read between the lines (well, there was just one line) but it’s obvious Tom could already sense the similarities between Trump and Hitler but as a Republican first (patriotism has lower priority), Mr. Garrett couldn’t but come to Trump’s defense.

Funny! Before I read Tom’ statement, that was exactly what came to mind; Donald Trump shares many similarities with Adolf Hitler but what Tom Garrett failed to realize is that Trump is at the very beginning of his term. Adolf Hitler who later became a German dictator didn’t start as such. But like Donald Trump, Hitler took a number of measures to prevent his administration from being derailed by “the enemy” (whoever was not aligned with his doctrine, whoever did not support the Nazi cause). Sound familiar? It should. But before we show you how similar Trump is to Adolf Hitler – something which should scare the hell out of everyone here in America – let’s take a look at the explanation given to the Americans by the Trump administration. According to Trump himself, FBI Director James Comey’s performance was not up to par. Hmm! Hmm!

What would you add?

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