The Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler


A dark period in history then, a scary time in today’s world now.

Donald Trump happens to America because of the entrenched disloyalty to the country. Most Republicans, legislators included, are not loyal to the United States of America. For more insight, read “Disloyalty to America…” here. Mitch McConnell is already out to prove that loyalty to the country is not needed to represent the people of any state whose loyalty is not to the country either. More on that later.

A number of publications compares the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey by Donald Trump with the Nixon’s Watergate Scandal.

  1. HuffPost titles the event as NIXONIAN
  2. was more descriptive “Donald Trump fires James Comey because of the Russia investigations”
  3. USA Today used Hollywood style “Analysis: Trump, Comey and an election campaign that won’t end”
  4. Politico brought the drama in “Behind Comey’s firing: an enraged Trump, fuming about Russia”
  5. TheGuardian was newsy “Trump fires FBI director, raising questions over Russia investigation”

What would you add?

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