Criminals With Badges – CB3

As I discussed here many times, most police officers are criminals with badges, with a license to kill civilians without any repercussion. The worst aspect of any such tragedy is that society continues to protect those criminals with badges. Let’s put it in perspective; last year in New York, out of 179 cases brought against police officers who had killed unarmed civilians, just three (3) officers (less than one percent) were indicted but it got worse. Only one (1) officer was convicted. In addition to doing the opposite of what the job is supposed to be, – to serve and protect – police officers and their partners have always lied about what transpires before killing civilians. Most of the time, they got away with it. What incentives do police officers have to stop killing UNARMED civilians?

The few police officers who want to do the “right thing” are outnumbered many times by the Criminals with Badges they work side by side with every day.


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