Criminals With Badges – CB3

Today, gangsters are no longer the problem on the streets; police officers are. By all accounts, police officers are killing civilians (UNARMED civilians that is) at a faster rate than even the most hardcore gang groups used to. At least, gangsters used to kill their competitors and people who interfered with their illegal business activities. Police officers across the country are indiscriminately killing UNARMED civilians. Here is how a young black teen in Ferguson, MO puts the situation on the streets in perspective: “if I have someone chasing me with a knife, and I see a police officer, I would be more afraid of being killed by the police officer than the man chasing me with the knife.”

Once again, police officers have proven they are no better than criminal with badges. For the longest, they have been given a pass by society who has attributed every wrongdoing by police officers as the action of a few “bad apples”. Where exactly are the “good cops”?


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