Obamacare Is Dead, Rejoice! – RoM6

Against my own advice that any attempt to educate fools about their ignorance is a foolish endeavor, I will attempt here to shed some light on why ignorance is a commodity of no value which needs to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, I have expressed my outrage against Trump as a candidate and expressly campaigned against Donald Trump for president, not because he ran as a Republican, not because I wanted Hillary either. Contrary to most who framed the presidential election as a fight between Republicans and Democrats, Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton, I saw the election as the real test between rationale and foolishness, patriotism vs betrayal. Here is an excerpt of how I perceived the candidacy of Mr. Trump “Unless one is suicidal, – I am not – unless one is unpatriotic, – I am not – unless one is deprived a rational mind, – I am notthere is ABSOLUTELY no way to rationalize a Trump’s administration as something to look forward to.” As the outcome of the faithful November 8, 2016 election would prove, the Intelligent Morons of the Republican Party have no loyalty to the United States of America.

What would you add?

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