Obamacare Is Dead, Rejoice! – RoM6


Rejoice! The Intelligent Morons of the Republican Party in Washington, flanked by the Moron-in-Chief, gathered in the Rose Garden to celebrate their well deserved success of voting to deprive millions of Americans of healthcare coverage. Sweet!

It finally happened, the Republican led Congress garnered enough votes yesterday May 4, 2017 to repeal Obamacare. After 50+ attempts, Republican Legislators in Washington gathered in the Rose Garden at the White House with their leader Donald Trump to celebrate the victory of repealing Obamacare.

It would almost be funny if so many lives were not affected. In case you have no clue what just happened, I discuss below two major aspects of the Obamacare repeal that will affect you (or your family) whether you’re Democrat or Republican.


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