Criminals with Badges – CB2

Even if the officer’s statement were true, is it what one would expect from someone whose primary duty is “to serve and protect”? But the statement was a fabrication; according to the chief of police Jonathan Haber who reviewed the body camera footage, the “criminal with a badge” – whose name is still withheld from the public as of this writing – who murdered Jordan lied about what really happened. What a surprise! Isn’t what most police officers do after committing similar murder? They lie about what happens; they lie about the victims. Some even try to setup the scene to put the blame on the victims. There has not been a single such case where the police officer would give a true account of what actually happened. But fear not, they’re here to serve and protect.

And because society has been giving them a pass, shielding them from prosecution, those criminals with badges continue to perpetrate murders on blacks without any fear of repercussion or any form of punishment.

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