The Intelligent Morons – RoM5

Despite countless in-depth analysis attempts to understand Trump’s ascension to the Oval Office, the answer stares us all in the eyes, Trump’ supporters are indeed morons who like to be lied to and Donald Trump is the only liar smart enough to satisfy their craving for lies.

Yep! I never thought I would live long enough to see the world dominated by morons. Now that my eyes have seen moronarchy, I wonder what’s next for the United States of America.

Republican Legislators (in Washington and across most states) have built a reputation – by lying, withholding the truth or simply distorting the facts – of destroying social constructs, going against social programs and hindering social progress in the country. Sadly, their supporters are either too gullible or outright too ignorant to understand that they too contribute towards destabilizing society framework, the very foundation for future generations: their children, their grandchildren and great grandchildren. Most Republicans support programs, policies which hurt them and their families; they are indeed intelligent morons, morons nevertheless.

Below is an audio synopsis of The OBAMA Legacy audiobook.

The OBAMA Legacy provides a factual account of his presidency but it also explains the reason Mr. Obama will be listed among the great presidents of our nation. There is absolutely nothing Republican Legislators and/or Mr. Trump can do to change that. Listen the synopsis. Own a piece of his legacy.

Own The OBAMA Legacy.

If you’ve been postponing getting the book because of time, we just got rid of your last excuse. Get The OBAMA Legacy today to find out why the author believes Barack Obama will be listed among the great presidents of our nation.

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