The Intelligent Morons – RoM5

But what does that have to do with Trump’ supporters?
According to scientific research, most people prefer to be lied to, although they would argue to the contrary. See why Fox Opinion – known and referred to by most as Fox News – has been the most successful broadcast network in the nation for the past decade; its management has made LYING a tool for the business and it works.
Because Donald Trump excels at lying, his audience, his fanbase, his supporters grew week over week during the presidential campaign. Need proof?

How many people who voted for Trump didn’t know he lied constantly, regularly and frequently? Despite countless reporting of his blatant lies during the campaign, his audience grew even more. So, yes, people would argue that they don’t like to be lied to but in reality they prefer to. Need more proof?

How many people do you think would vote for Trump if he told them the truth? i) he would never release his taxes or ii) he did indeed sexually harass women or iii) he didn’t pay for service or product he purchased from small businesses or iv) Trump University was a scam. Yes! Yes! and Yes! Trump’ supporters are very much attracted to lies and Mr. Trump is the best liar there is. Too bad Jodi Arias is in jail; she could have challenged the president.

What would you add?

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