The Intelligent Morons – RoM5

During Trump’s ascension to the Oval Office – roughly 14 months – I spent a great deal of time torn between empathy for the ignorance of Trump’ supporters and outrage for their very ignorance. How could any one individual be so ignorant, let alone millions? In my search for answers, I found a few “hard to swallow” albeit known for decades’ truths: Republican Legislators in Washington lie religiously and their constituents believe their lies. Although all politicians lie, Republican Legislators in particular have made a career out of lying. They do not just lie (and move on); they repeat the lie over and over and over again; they corroborate the lie with more lies; they double down on the lie; their colleagues support the lie knowingly. But that’s not even what’s shocking; Republican Legislators have embraced, practiced and implemented the belief and strategy of one of the most despicable leaders in the history of the world, Adolf Hitler. Yep! You read correctly; knowingly or by sheer accident, the Republicans in Washington have adopted Adolf Hitler’ strategy; he used to say “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

What would you add?

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