The Intelligent Morons – RoM5

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s move on

Are Trump’ Supporters Under Spells?
Whether it’s rehearsed or genuine, there is a sense that the majority of Trump’ supporters are under some sort of spells. It is one thing to support someone you think (or even believe) might have the solution to your problems but it is complete lunacy to believe that individual a) is the only one who has answers to every ill b) to be okay with his outrageous statements and his irrational behavior c) to condone he colluded with a foreign government d) to accept he insults everyone who doesn’t agree with him e) to shrug off he lies to everyone about everything f) to support his lack of respect for the presidency g) to participate in his belief and practice of conspiracy theories. That. Is. Complete lunacy!

Just one day shy of his 100-days in office, Mr. Trump has done nothing but to sign executive orders to reverse policies Obama put in place to protect Americans against financial vultures, climate change, issues in the justice system and to preserve the safety net for the elderly. Donald Trump has introduced no policy of his own. Update: on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, after 100 days in office, he introduced a tax plan, details of which we will discuss in our next article.

And yet, there are still millions of morons who continue to support him despite blatant proof his actions will hurt working class people (including those who support him). Why would millions of people support someone who works against their own interest? Are the Trump’ supporters under some sort of spells? Is there such a thing as “mass illusion”? How about “mass hypnosis”?

What would you add?

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