The Intelligent Morons – RoM5

Trump’s first 100-days left no ambiguity that “President” Trump is no different than “Candidate” Trump. To those – mostly Republican Legislators, surrogates and supporters – who “believed” and continuously made the case that once Trump is in the Oval Office he will stop to behave like a four year old child with permanent tantrum, it should have been embarrassing that their hope is dashed. As President, Mr. Trump’s behavior is even worse than candidate Trump’s. But if you are a rational individual and expect Republican Legislators (and his supporters) to simply walk away, you’re in for a HUGE disappointment. According to the latest polls, close to 92% of Trump’ supporters do not regret having supported him, are still with him and – get this – believe he is doing a great job.

There are not many ways one can spell MORON but then again I have only met a few of them. The world has always had morons but it is shocking to me there are so many who still roam the streets of the United States.

Warning: Reign of the Morons series is not for the faint of heart. Trump’ supporters must avoid reading this series or obtain “teeth grinding protector” to avoid complete erosion of their teeth. Beware!
Note: First, let me clarify my use of the word “morons” to refer to those who supported and voted for Mr. Trump. Although I admit the word is insulting, I find it appropriate because the underlying intent is to classify not to insult. There is not much difference on the surface I know but its use is warranted. I use the word “moron” in much the same way I would use the words “physician” and “lawyer” and “engineer”. In other words, an engineer is referred to as an engineer, and so on. That is the context within which I use the word “moron”. I understand it is insulting but the individuals I refer to are “morons”, – I intend to prove it beyond reasonable doubts – there is no other way to put it.

What would you add?

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