Trump’s First 100 Days in a Nutshell

Most newly elected presidents in the history of this country spent the first few days of their presidency resting (and sleeping) in the Oval Office after a brutal and tiring campaign. (that first sentence was a joke) Donald Trump on the other hand grabbed the bull by the horn on Day One. As promised to his supporters during the 2016 presidential campaign, he wants to “Make America Great Again”. To that end, as his 100-days in office gets near, it’s appropriate to take a look at what he has accomplished so far.

According to Republicans (Supporters, Legislators, Pundits), Trump’s first 100 days is a HUGE success. NJ Governor Chris Christie gave a passing grade to Trump, “B”.

According to Democrats (Legislators, Pundits & Hillary’ supporters), Trump’s first 100 days is the worst in history. MA Senator Elizabeth Warren gave a failing grade to Trump, ‘F’.

It’s an impasse, isn’t it? Trump’ success or failure in the first 100-days depends exclusively on which party one belongs to. So, we decided to use a different gauge, Trump himself. What does Trump think of his performance on the first 100 days?

On his 92nd day (April 21, 2017), Mr. Trump tweeted the following


What would you add?

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