Sexual Harassment Is Fox Mantra

As I pointed out earlier, Fox has very serious “SOCIAL ISSUES” problem. Most of his hosts have no moral compass. In a November 13, 2015 article about Fox, I wrote “It is not an exaggeration to say that Fox is responsible for the lingering prejudice and racism problem in the country… As much as its hosts like to brag about having the largest audience it is equally painful to realize they are also the number one racist network in the country”. What I didn’t realize is that Fox is also as sexist as it is racist; it doesn’t just discriminate on the basis of race and color, it’s prejudiced towards women as well.

Fox’s executives didn’t get rid of O’Reilly because they suddenly see the light or have a change of heart or receive Jesus in their hearts. Nope! They had to get rid of Bill. They were forced to make that decision. The big pocket advertisers (BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Aleve, to name a few), conscious of consumers’ backlash, withdrew their support for O’Reilly show (The O’Reilly Factor): they discontinued their ads on the O’Reilly Factor. Back against the “financial” wall crumbling down behind Bill, Fox’s executives did what’s good for the network financially; they removed the tumor.

What would you add?

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