Most Police Officers Are Criminals With A Badge

So, it should not be shocking to anyone in the United States to watch the video of Dao being dragged by police officers. That’s what they do on a regular basis, especially to minorities. That’s the way they behave on and off cameras. Although the deployment of body cameras will help to understand what happens during an interaction between a civilian and a police officer, body cameras alone will not curve cops’ wrongdoing. There must be laws which punish their criminal behavior; otherwise, any talk of reform is a waste of everyone’s time.

DON’T PANIC! Reign of the Morons series will be back; I will discuss four major factors which might help to decipher the mystery of moronarchy (making bad decisions together), the first factor will be to look into the “mass illusion of Trump’ supporters”. Stay tuned!

Below is an audio synopsis of The OBAMA Legacy audiobook.

The OBAMA Legacy provides a factual account of his presidency but it also explains the reason Mr. Obama will be listed among the great presidents of our nation. There is absolutely nothing Republican Legislators and/or Mr. Trump can do to change that. Listen the synopsis. Own a piece of his legacy.

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