Most Police Officers Are Criminals With A Badge

Once again, police officers have proven they are no better than criminal with badges. For the longest, they have been given a pass by society who has attributed every wrongdoing by police officers as the action of a few “bad apples”. How many “bad apples” are considered a few?

As I discussed here many times, most – read MOST – police officers are criminals with badges, thus a license to do evil without any repercussion. The worst part is that society continues to protect those criminals. I believe there is just a handful of police officers who want to do the job for which they’d join the force, to do the “right thing” but unfortunately, that handful of officers are outnumbered by the criminals they work side by side with every day.

Before the advent of technology, mainly phones with cameras and now live streams, those whose primary job is “to serve and protect” have always been as bad or worse than the people – mostly in the minority group – they’ve mistreated, brutalized and killed on the streets. And for a very longtime, society believed the victims were to blame; police officers’ accounts of incidents were taken at face value, until technology came to the rescue of the true victims, the individuals police officers have brutalized or murdered. There is no lack of “video” evidence of cops across the nation whose accounts of incidents are not just wrong but blatantly false. Most cops’ interactions with civilians – especially in the minority group – are very reminiscent of the master/slave relation. And most minority encounters with cops usually end in the individual being victimized (brutalized or killed) by the police officer, a far cry of “to serve and protect” when it comes to minorities.


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