Disloyalty to America Gave Us Donald Trump

Both Donald Trump and his supporters – or any of the experts – would have a rather difficult task to point to anger as the conduit for Trump’s victory in November 8, 2016. However, I can easily explain and prove that Republicans’ disloyalty to the United States is the base support  for Trump’s presidency. Even when it was very clear that Russia hacked into the DNC, and Julian Assange (of Wikileaks) agenda was to influence the election, Republicans condoned their action. They even encouraged overtly the meddling of foreign entities in our democracy. Even their leader Donald Trump publicly invited Russia to continue to erode our election process.

Yes, disloyalty to the American flag, disloyalty to the country which has welcomed so many of them, protected them against tyranny and provided them shelter and freedom to move around and about. Yes, it’s because of their disloyalty that Donald Trump is now President of the United States.

I knew that a while ago; I wrote about it many times and consequently I began a campaign to debunk Republican claim of patriotism; for one is not or does not become a patriot just by saying so. One must live it every day. Patriotism requires sacrifices that most Republicans (Legislators and constituents alike) proved they’re unwilling and unable to make.

As I pointed out several times here in this blog, if Republicans continue to claim they’re patriots, it’s either they have no clue what being patriotic means or they are simply dishonest.

12 thoughts on “Disloyalty to America Gave Us Donald Trump

  1. TRUMP Is The Stupidest Ass Hole On Earth!

    The Trump Files: Watch The Trumps Not Be Able To Multiply 17 By 6

    The Stupid SON Said 17×6=96
    The Fuckface Motherfucker AKA The Extremely STABLE GENIUS said 17×6 = It’s ELEVEN TWELVE, IT’S ONE TWELVE.

    America is FUCKED!


  2. Clickbait faggotry. Keep peddling muh Russia narrative. If getting help from foreign countries is cheating, then why isn’t Clinton taking Saudi money a disqualifier? The left transparently disdains the U.S. and now we’re supposed to believe they’re the real patriots? Into the trash you go.


  3. U.S. Enemy Number 1 is the Jews, who did 9/11 and are attempting to genocide Whites in every country.
    Fuck you, kikes. It’z coming!


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