Disloyalty to America Gave Us Donald Trump

Donald Trump happens to America because of the entrenched disloyalty to the country. Most Republicans – emphasis on MOST, Legislators included – are not loyal to the United States of America. Gibberish, you might say or think. Can you explain why they all “close ranks” to protect the individual who offers our sovereignty for bid to our number one enemy? Can you explain why Representatives Devin Nunes, Paul Ryan are engaged in cover-up for what could be the biggest scandal in the existence of the Republic? Can you explain why Jason Chaffetz, the zealous Benghazi investigator is silent on issue of Trump’s collusion with Russia?

No matter how long and how many times you spin it, the outcome is the same: Republicans’ loyalty is not to the United States.


12 thoughts on “Disloyalty to America Gave Us Donald Trump

  1. TRUMP Is The Stupidest Ass Hole On Earth!

    The Trump Files: Watch The Trumps Not Be Able To Multiply 17 By 6

    The Stupid SON Said 17×6=96
    The Fuckface Motherfucker AKA The Extremely STABLE GENIUS said 17×6 = It’s ELEVEN TWELVE, IT’S ONE TWELVE.

    America is FUCKED!


  2. Clickbait faggotry. Keep peddling muh Russia narrative. If getting help from foreign countries is cheating, then why isn’t Clinton taking Saudi money a disqualifier? The left transparently disdains the U.S. and now we’re supposed to believe they’re the real patriots? Into the trash you go.


  3. U.S. Enemy Number 1 is the Jews, who did 9/11 and are attempting to genocide Whites in every country.
    Fuck you, kikes. It’z coming!


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