Mr. Trump Committed Treason

Note: My opinion on any topic is not expressed lightly; I don’t write for the sake of writing. Much of what I write about comes after much deliberation, research and analysis. I strive to be correct as much as it is humanly possible because I value your time, I respect the intelligence of my audience but equally important I value my reputation.

Let me begin by indulging you for a moment of the last time I screamed to the top of my lung that the country is in danger; it is in the hands of a traitor who 1) doesn’t hide that fact 2) boldly passes national security information to US enemy one 3) works internally to weaken the country all the while pretends to bolster the Armed Forces. What good are thousands of tanks, jetfighters, missiles if your enemy knows what they’re capable of?

Yes, I have been warning the country that Donald Trump has been Russia’s inside man. Here is an appetizer: (the information below was previously posted in this blog before James Comey revealed on Monday, March 20, 2017 that Trump’s associates are under investigation by the FBI)


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