Mr. Trump Committed Treason

FBI Director James Comey alongside Michael Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency revealed on Monday, March 20 2017 that a) the Trump administration is under FBI investigation for possible collusion with Russia b) Trump’s wiretap claim about Obama is false. – How could anyone expect Trump to say anything truthful about Obama? Donald Trump is the same guy who spearheaded the birther movement; he even claimed at some point he had irrefutable proof that Obama was not born in the United States. How could anyone be surprised by anything else that buffoon say about Obama? Donald Trump can easily beat Jodi Arias hands down. There! – Since the news of the FBI investigation into the Trump administration collusion with Russia broke, there’s been a deafening silence in the Republican camp. Here is in essence what everyone in the Republican side said when news broke that FBI was looking into Hillary’s use of a private email server:


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