Defund Planned Parenthood

The question should then be asked of Ryan, why would you refuse healthcare to the most disadvantaged in our society and make it so easy for the country to go to war at the snap of a finger?

There was a time when Legislators (of both partys) used to work towards bettering our society, lifting up the poor, giving a hand to those who needed help the most. Today however, the Republican Party through its leaders displays very little concerns for the country, let alone the constituents. That’s why the GOP now has a leader who values America’s enemy more so than he values Americans and American values.

Tell Ryan and the Republican Legislators in Washington that “to defund” Planned Parenthood is not the reason they are in Washington. They have failed the country. Tell Paul Ryan that Planned Parenthood is a solution, not the problem.

One thought on “Defund Planned Parenthood

  1. Why are Republicans always against helping those who are in need? They were against social security, they were against Medicare; they have been against Universal healthcare since the creation of the nation. Can someone shed some light on what is exactly wrong with Republicans. They like to think of themselves as Christian and yet there is nothing Christian about them. What the hell!


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