Defund Planned Parenthood

There are two aspects of the argument that get people fuming

  1. Ryan purposely deceives the ignorant, the gullible and anyone who is too darn lazy to find out the truth for a) Ryan knows that Planned Parenthood does not get reimbursed in the rare cases the center would provide abortion service b) Ryan knows Planned Parenthood is not an abortion clinic; that service accounts for less than 4% of the services. Here is the stat per August 12, 2015 article on Washington Post c) Ryan knows Planned Parenthood provides care (health, reproductive and preventative) to those most in need
  2. Ryan’s argument in regards to taxpayers is very hypocritical. Paul Ryan evokes the principles, the values Republicans live by which do not support abortion and thus cannot commit taxpayers’ money to fund such practice.

If we go along with Ryan’s reasoning for a second, it should not be difficult for Republicans to also accept the reasoning that Democrats don’t want to fund wars with their tax dollars either; they hate wars as much as Republicans hate abortion; they find wars disgusting, inhumane and repulsive as much as Republicans find abortion. Do you recall anytime Ryan (or any Republican) make a case not to use taxpayers’ money to fund senseless wars?

One thought on “Defund Planned Parenthood

  1. Why are Republicans always against helping those who are in need? They were against social security, they were against Medicare; they have been against Universal healthcare since the creation of the nation. Can someone shed some light on what is exactly wrong with Republicans. They like to think of themselves as Christian and yet there is nothing Christian about them. What the hell!


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