Defund Planned Parenthood

While most – including the media – have focused their attention on the major aspect of the Obamacare “repeal and replace”, Ryan literally sneaked in a provision to “defund Planned Parenthood”. According to the preliminary figures calculated by independent non-partisan sources, Planned Parenthood would lose approximately $180 million in reimbursements.

Before I go further, let me provide you a brief understanding of “Planned Parenthood”. If you only listen to Republican media outlets (Fox Opinion, Rush Limbaugh, etc.), Planned Parenthood is that “evil” organization with the purpose of performing abortion. To judge by most Republicans’ reaction they believe that’s true, – as it is usually the case in most everything they do not understand – and they’re able to cite as many examples as they heard on Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh & company. Unfortunately, none of those venues abide by journalistic principles and are thus free to say whatever comes to their mind, usually ideas they pick from a hat.

In a nutshell, Planned Parenthood is an organization which provides healthcare services to almost three million people, most of whom fall into the category of people living under the poverty line, unable to get or pay for their own insurance and thus rely completely on Medicaid. Planned Parenthood also offers advice on reproductive and preventative care in a private, non-judgmental setting.

One thought on “Defund Planned Parenthood

  1. Why are Republicans always against helping those who are in need? They were against social security, they were against Medicare; they have been against Universal healthcare since the creation of the nation. Can someone shed some light on what is exactly wrong with Republicans. They like to think of themselves as Christian and yet there is nothing Christian about them. What the hell!


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