Reign of the Morons – 4A

Any advisor to the president would spend most time “advising” (get it?) – Please forward this article to Kellyanne – the president, less time in the public arena. Any previous advisor to presidents would say that the more one talks the more likely one would say the wrong things or even reveal something one is not supposed to. Well, in the case of Kellyanne, no worry there. She doesn’t know anything; she is not privy of anything to reveal.

Kelly Anne currently suffers the illness of being important; so, to be constantly going around making false and outrageous statements is a small price to pay to be in the pubic eyes. Mrs. Conway is just a mouthpiece who is tasked to run her mouth, nothing else. MSNBC “Morning Joe” was right to ban her from the program because by any analysis she really doesn’t have anything of substance to contribute.

And, that’s the president’s advisor. Go figure!

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