Reign of the Morons – 4A

However, that’s not even what’s upsetting  as a citizen. Mr. Trump has no advisor. He is surrounded by self-serving morons – he picked – who take advantage of his naivete. For instance, Despicable Morons like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan are hurriedly taking advantage of the chaos – instead of helping – to pass legislations they know darn well would hurt the working class. Case in point, the “Repeal and Replace” (of Obamacare) would put $157 billion (with a B) in the pocket of the wealthy but will deprive 24 million individuals of healthcare coverage.

What’s frustrating to most however is the fact that the “so-called” advisor of the president is nothing more than a substance free mouthpiece who is completely detached from what’s going on in Washington; mrs. Conway is content to make the round on television talking nonsense, the latest claims that former president Obama might have used microwaves to spy on Trump. What a moron! Yep, and she is the president’s advisor. Most sixth graders are smart enough to figure out she is just a fulltime moron. It’s time to stop referring to Kellyanne Conway as advisor, because by any analysis she is no advisor. What can she possibly advise on?

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