Reign of the Morons – 3

Even Mitt Romney who was most critical of Donald Trump – for good reason; he accurately predicted danger ahead – auditioned for the post of Secretary of State in Trump administration; he didn’t even blink; in fact, shortly after meeting with Trump, Mr. Romney lavished Trump with praise. So, yes, the GOP Leaders are Despicable Morons who are self-serving even to the detriments of the country; they are even much less concerned about the Republican electorate, the Stupid Morons.

The Despicable Morons are now in charge; they will probably do away with Medicare (or at least try to) as they have always wanted to; they will most likely try to privatize social security (or at least try to) as they have attempted to do several times before. It is time the Stupid Morons face the reality that the Despicable Morons they have put in charge will give them exactly what they deserve, to treat them like Stupid Morons.


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