Reign of the Morons – 3

But it is the Despicable Morons I have a bone to pick with. If you are a parent, you would know your role in the family unit is to attend to your children’s needs, to guide them and to protect them. Right? But what if you, the parent, abandon your role as a protector? Worst, what if you contribute to causing harm to your children?

The Republican Party leaders (by analogy the parents) whose primary job was to protect the Republican electorate (by analogy their children) from harm (by analogy a demagogue such as Donald Trump) were the ones who provided fertile ground for evil to flourish.

The GOP Leaders are without doubt Despicable Morons. Contrary to the other group however, Despicable Morons are not labeled such because they are stupid (or gullible); in fact, the Despicable Morons are mostly very successful individuals. What makes the GOP Leaders Despicable Morons is the fact they foresaw the danger coming unto their children and decided to do very little to prevent it. – Most GOP Leaders, including the current chief of Staff Reince Priebus, condemned Trump’s language and actions and even worked tirelessly (#NEVERTRUMP) to prevent him from becoming the GOP nominee. Remember they all publicly agreed that Mr. Trump is not qualified to be president, remember that?


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