Reign of the Morons – 3

As I explained in Reign of the Morons – 2, I can more or less tolerate the Stupid Morons, for most have very little ability to rationalize logically and others are completely blinded by hatred. But it’s the Despicable Morons in the Republican Party I hold accountable for the predicament the country is now in. They know better; they should know better.

Republicans in general and the GOP Leaders in particular have gone out of their way to portray the United States to the rest of the world as a country of morons. In defense of the United States, the GOP Leaders only speak for the Republican Party; there is no lack of morons in that party.

Below, I will outline the ludicrousness of justification provided by the morons in support of their role model Donald Trump. Despite my aversion for morons in general, I can more or less tolerate Stupid Morons. Although there is no study to help understand why Ivy League college educated or financially successful or career professionals fall into that category, one thing they all seem to have in common: they are very gullible, they’re attracted to lies (fake news, conspiracy theories, etc.) and they prefer talking points over substantive and factual analysis and commentary. Regardless, the Stupid Morons, be it out of pride or out of spite, stick to their beliefs even when proven completely wrong.


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