Obama Legacy in A Few Words

In the Oval Office, Barack Obama had faced a concerted effort by the Republican Legislators who worked tirelessly to prevent him from advancing agendas to better the country and yet Mr. Obama still managed to rescue the nation from falling deep into recession, implemented the first successful health care policy which protects individuals with pre-existing conditions from being denied coverage, crafted a Nuclear Deal agreement with Iran to prevent its ruler from pursuing nuclear capability and lifted the embargo on Cuba. The Republican Legislators worked hard, campaigned non-stop, vilified him regularly and minimized his accomplishments to deny him a second term as president; they failed miserably, spectacularly. Mr. Obama soared higher and higher each time they went down in the mud and swam in the swamp. So, they came up with a lyric.

The ”Repeal & Replace Obamacare” never ending song bears striking similarities to the painful wail of a dying beast who is much too conscious its death is inevitable. One last kick, maybe one last groan would keep the enemy at bay. Alas, no one can build a legacy by destroying someone else’s!


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